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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about H.O.P.E. Toledo.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I transfer in to Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School now and get this amazing offer for free college?

A: Unfortunately not. Only seniors who were fully registered for classes at Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School on 1/06/20 are eligible. The senior class student being enrolled on this date is also an eligibility requirement for the parent/legal guardian who is eligible.

Q: I’m the aunt of one of the graduating seniors at Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School. If his parents cannot use the free tuition, can I take advantage of it?

A: Unfortunately not. These funds are limited to only a parent or legal guardian and the school system will require proof of this relationship.

Q: My children attend another Toledo Public High School. Can we have access to this same offer?

A: We would love NOTHING more. But we need funds to pull that off. Please direct everyone you can to our website at www.Hope-Toledo.org and click on DONATE and let’s all raise the funds to make this possible. Every dollar counts!

Q: Thank you so much for what you did for the class of 2020 at Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School My child is class of 2021. Will she have the same offer extended to her?

A: We HOPE so but we need to raise more funds. The Kadens Family can only fund the class of 2020. If you happen to know any potential donors please direct them to www.Hope-Toledo.org and ask them to donate to make this possible.

Q: My daughter wants to go to college but she hasn’t yet filled out the FAFSA forms to qualify for Pell grants. Is she gonna be eligible?

A: The good news is there is still time, but your daughter needs to HUSTLE. Ideally she needs to fully complete these forms in the next 30 days and submit them. TPS and counselors at Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School can assist with this so please ask for their assistance. She is not eligible if she does not fully complete and submit the FAFSA paperwork.

Q: I am a senior at Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School. I have a low GPA and my parent has a criminal history. Are we still eligible for these funds?

A: YES!!! We don’t care about your GPA or criminal history. We just want you to get a post secondary education. Here is what you need to do. 1) Fill out the FAFSA forms completely and submit them 2) Graduate from Scott HS by 8/15/20. 3) Get accepted into a public school/university or trade schools in Ohio (or Lourdes University/Eastern Michigan University) and YOU will be eligible. Your parent or legal guardian will then be eligible too but they must go to school somewhere within 45 miles of Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School.

Q: I’m a parent of a Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School senior (class of 2020). It’s looking like he may not graduate. Am I still eligible for these funds?

A: Let’s do EVERYTHING we can to get him to graduate. There are resources to assist. Please talk with Dr. Carnel Smith about this. Unfortunately, if your son doesn’t achieve eligibility as a parent you will not be eligible either. We want you working together to achieve this success!

Q: You said college is FREE if I am eligible. Usually that means tuition but I still have tons of other costs associated with college. Can you explain what FREE really means for me?

A; Free is FREE. Over and above a Pell Grant, HOPE will pay tuition, room and board, books and fees. You just need to get to school and stay there! You will leave with no debt.

Q: I was planning on taking a year or two off before I go to college. Can I still take advantage of these funds?

A) You have access to these funds for 4.5 years from the time you graduate from Toledo Jesup W. Scott High School which allows you to effectively take one semester off. Over and above that time limit we cannot fund your costs. So if you take a year off, which may be right for you, the good news is that your tuition, room/board, books and fees will still be covered for 3.5 years of a 4 year college experience.

Q: Why does the donate button go to “ProMedica”?

A: While we await our official 501c-3 status, our fiscal partner ProMedica is receiving donations on H.O.P.E.’s behalf so as to provide you with a tax deductible giving opportunity.

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